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[YongSeo] Best Friend

We were ten that time, when her mother had passed away and she came running to me, bawling her eyes out. It was evident that she was very upset after losing the person that had brought her into this world. I remember clearly how she kept telling me stories with bright eyes, clearly showing the love she has for her late mother. She said that she couldn’t survive and felt alone. But I assured her that I’ll be there to play with her and never leave her.

Time passed, and then I realized that the girl with very charismatic eyes that shine whenever you look at it; the girl who puts up with my choding side and also worries about my health, is the only one for me. I, Jung Yong Hwa, fell in love with my best friend. I didn’t know such feelings back then, we were just so innocent. Such feeling is now very much clear to me, and I acknowledge it fully. I felt that it was never too late to show it.

The time I had first met her after I transferred schools in third grade, she was the friendliest to me out of the whole class. She helped me with my homework, became partners with me during group activities and even helped me to get along with the others. It has been like that until high school. Both of us belonged in a different clique, yet still hung out in each other’s house. A lot of guys came into her life; I saw her every heart break and always try to lighten up her mood. Though she always said that I act like a choding, I’m always glad to bring back the smile into her face.

Every time I try to tease her, those flaring nostrils always just gets me. She’s too adorable every time she does this, so I try to tease her even more. She tends to hit me on my arm once she gets annoyed, but I just laugh at that every time. I love it when she sings for me. Those times when she sings me a song as a gift was never worth any material gift everyone gives me. I always get an inspiration to write songs about her, yet she never really had an idea that it was dedicated to her.

Years of friendship was built, but was almost destroyed that time when she had to move to Seoul. We had tried to keep in contact, yet she was always busy with her new so-called friends. We had an argument about this and never had any communication for months. Despite this, I missed her and longed for her company. I had my regrets – that I should’ve treated her better, or never tease her to the point that she almost cried. I shouldn’t have argued with her or maybe at least apologized earlier; because if I had done that, I couldn’t have lost her.

But that one day changed it all. I received a phone call that was unlisted and answered nonchalantly until I recognized the voice. It was too familiar for me to forget. Her sweet voice ringed through my ears, but she was crying and wasn’t able to talk. I told her I was going to be there and quickly went to the airport and took the earliest flight from Busan to Seoul, hoping to get to comfort her as soon as I can. Whatever it is that made her cry, I just wanted to comfort her in any way possible. Good thing her father gave me her address before she had to move, or I would have taken longer looking for her house.

As soon as I stepped in front of het doorway, I pressed the doorbell and was greeted by her father. He gave me a brief smile and let me in without a word. He showed me where her room was and from there, a girl that looked like a panda was seen before my eyes. It’s obvious that something must’ve happened but before I asked, I quickly came by her side and gathered her into my arms. She hugged back and so I kept telling her that I was here and everything will be okay. She cried her eyes out while she hugs me very tightly and comfortably.

As soon as she calmed down, I asked her to fix herself first and told her honestly what she looked like. She pouted, but at the same time, looked embarrassed hearing such teasing from me after what seemed like a long, long time.

She came back, looking better and sat beside me on her bed. She told me the reason why she was like that and to my surprise, she had such a silly reasoning. She admitted how much she missed me with her face looking like a tomato, and that was the only reason she was crying. Our Joo Hyun turned out to be a choding like me, huh. I thought while laughing at her confession. She crossed her arms and looked away, evidently showing her embarrassment.

I chuckled, cupping her face with my hands, and made her look at me. With a serious and honest face, I looked at her directly in the eyes and sang her part of the song I made from a long time ago.

I pray for all your love

Girl our love is so unreal

I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
This is something like a movie

And I don’t know how it ends girl

But I fell in love with my Best Friend

                She was in total shock, I let go of her face and continued singing.

I know it sounds crazy

That you'd be my baby

But you mean that much to me.

Cause nothing compares when

We're lighter than air and

We don't wanna come back down.

But I don't wanna ruin what we have

Love is so unpredictable.

But it's the risk that I'm taking,

Hoping, praying

You'd fall in love with your best friend

Tears came rolling down her cheeks with a wide smile. As soon as I finished, she hugged me too tightly that I nearly choked, and she said these exact words I cannot ever forget – I was going to confess first, but you beat me to it. But I’m going to say these words first… The choding that promised to never leave me and the same person who puts up with my attitude; is someone I had come to realize that I love so much and can never survive without. I don’t know if I could bear not seeing you anymore, so please forgive me for neglecting you.

I gently tried to break us from our hug and looked at her again. I then asked her to be my girlfriend to which she definitely said yes to. (I don’t want to get into details on what happened after; some things must be kept private, keke ^^ but I assure you, nothing over the line happened :P)

We were together for years, and I finally asked her father for her hand in marriage. He never showed any signs of disapproval and just asked me to take care of her. I was too happy beyond reason, and finally planned the perfect proposal to you. But I shall keep the details again for she said that it’s something that was only between us, but she did say yes and later planned for our wedding.

Right now, I see her beside me on our bed, in our room, in our house. It has been quite long, yet she never failed to make me fall in love with her all over again, every day. Now, I must get up and make breakfast, for a full service to my queen, to celebrate our anniversary.


A/N: Sorry if you feel that everything is in a rush in the story. xD It wasn't proofread or edited. It's just some random idea after I listened to "Best Friend" by Jason Chen. You guys should definitely check it out! It's awesome! xDD

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